At an event that took place last fall here in Holston Conference, one of the activities involved talking about what is needed in order to move the church to a place of Reconciliation and Grace. The group I was sitting with strongly feel that there is a significant need to educate, remind, or re-educate as the case may be our congregations on what it is to be Methodist and Wesleyan.

Christian education has always been an important component of Methodism. In fact, Methodism’s roots began in Christian education. We need to know and remember that John and Charles Wesley and friends weren’t trying to start a new denomination with Methodism. They were starting a movement with a new way of growing closer to God and coming closer to living in Christian perfection through small group meetings where participants would study scripture and covenant with one another to grow a deeper, richer faith.

To accomplish that here at Union Grove, I’m introducing “Methodist Moment” here on our website and, when we’re able to gather in person again, will be adding it to the Order of Worship.  The goal is to give a brief explanation of some aspects of Methodism each week. Whenever possible, I will try to include a special insert or handout with the information and/or additional resources that you can use during the week if you choose. I’ll also be posting the “Moments” here on this page.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Val Ohle