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May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing unto you, O Lord, our Rock, and Redeemer. Amen.

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Keep the Fire Burning – Leaning Into Becoming Better Disciples, Living into One in the Spirit, One in the Lord

Pentecost wasn’t a one time event. It was a beginning. A beginning of the movement of the Spirit among followers of Christ. We’ll be spending this Season after Pentecost (Ordinary Time) fanning the flames of Pentecost by learning to become better disciples in order to carry out the work Christ has given us.

We will be returning to in-person worship as soon as construction to repair some storm damage at the church is done. In the meanwhile, worship starts at 11 a.m. ET each Sunday live on Facebook, and you can join us on the Second Sunday of each month for in-person worship at The Bird & The Book in Maryville, TN (also available as a live-cast on Facebook). 

You don’t have to be a member to attend or participate in our worship services. We have communion each Sunday that we are in-person and ALL are welcome at the Lord’s Table at Union Grove! If you’re joining us from home, we encourage you to have juice and bread available for sharing communion with your household.

If you are joining us in-person at a Sunday morning service, we encourage you to stick around for our after-worship fellowship where we enjoy a variety of treats while we visit and catch up with one another.

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Second Sunday Community of Faith is not your typical “worship” service. Second Sunday is a gathering for those who have not felt welcome or been outright rejected by the churches they grew up in, who have become disillusioned with “religion,” who have questions or doubts about religion in general, or who’ve never experienced “church” but are seeking some kind of spiritual connection, and an opportunity for fellowship and friendship. We work to keep the services ecumenical, inviting area pastors and other guest speakers to lead the gathering from time to time. Second Sunday Community Church meets the second Sunday of every month, 3:00 p.m. ET, at The Bird and The Book, 1509 E Broadway, Maryville TN 37804. We also live-stream the gathering on our Facebook Page. Second Sunday is a ministry of Union Grove UMC.

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Let Us Break Bread Together – UGUMC Worship October 1 2023

Let Us Break Bread Together – UGUMC Worship October 1 2023

Today is World Communion Sunday – a day when, if we were meeting in person, Communion would be the central focus of worship. While it’s possible to do communion during virtual worship, it loses something in the translation, especially for those of you who are watching this alone. Communion is better when, as the song says, we break bread together. Together, though, is a questionable word these days when so much of the world feels broken apart, shattered beyond repair, definitely not “together,” which is what has inspired today’s message, “Let Us Break Bread Together.”

Feasting on Forgiveness – UGUMC Worship September 17 2023

Feasting on Forgiveness – UGUMC Worship September 17 2023

Today’s message is about feasting on forgiveness. If you have them available, please take a moment to gather bread, an appropriate beverage, and whatever else you want to include in today’s feast. If you’re viewing this on-demand, you can pause the video. For those of you worshipping with us live, I’ll give you a minute or so to prepare while I do some quick worship-keeping.

Signs and Wonders – UGUMC Worship September 10 2023

Signs and Wonders – UGUMC Worship September 10 2023

I’m pretty sure that Jesus didn’t want us to compartmentalize our lives into church and non-church. I’m pretty sure that Jesus wants us to live every day as though we were in the presence of God – because we are. And that we live every day as though we are loving our neighbor as ourselves – because we are… Yet we need reminders.

MLK, Missing Stairs, and the Monster at the End of the Story – UGUMC Worship August 27 2023

MLK, Missing Stairs, and the Monster at the End of the Story – UGUMC Worship August 27 2023

Sixty years ago tomorrow, on August 28, 1963, the day Dr. King delivered his “I Have a Dream,” speech, America was uneasy. It was a time of social unrest. In the midst of a nation torn by racial strife and social unrest, Dr. King painted an indelible picture of America as it could be. His oratory was soaring, his imagery was vivid, and his cause was right.
Fifty-nine years, 364 days later, it is difficult to see any progress from the way things were when Dr. King made his speech, when hundreds of thousands of people marched on Washington in support of everything he laid out in that speech.

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