The best-laid plans of mouse and man are, more often than not, subject to change according to the will and plan of God.

I had hoped that my first Sunday at Union Grove would find us all happily gathered in the sanctuary for worship. As things currently stand, we are not going to be able to return to in-person worship anytime soon. Considering the current rise in active COVID-19 cases, I’d say Romans 8:28 is in excellent working order, though.

So where does that leave us? Online. Online worship will continue until further notice. I will not be able to provide live service, but you are free and I encourage you to use the comment features on Facebook, on the webpage, and/or on Vimeo to let us know you were there, to post greetings to one another, and to ask questions. Use the like/unlike buttons, use emojis, too! It’s the next best thing to being able to see your reactions to the message I’m delivering and will let me know where I need to make adjustments.

There’s something else you can do to help me.  Spread the word, share the link to the video, posts you like, the website, the Facebook page.  Invite your friends and family to watch the video with you. They don’t have to live in Friendsville. They don’t even have to live in Tennessee. Online ministry literally lets us go and make disciples anywhere, so reach out.

These are strange times, friends, and they may well get stranger yet, but that’s okay.  Much like the Hebrew people leaving Egypt, we will lean into the unknown and put our faith and trust in God, because we have an amazing God and he’s working every aspect of these times for the good of those who love him. That you can take to the bank.

Join me online this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. for more of “Leaning Into the Unknown”. 

Grace and peace,
Rev. Val