Worship happens in many forms. Some churches have full fledged, condensed, or contemporary services on Wednesday nights similar to their Sunday morning services. Some churches have fellowship meals. Some dedicate Wednesday nights to their youth programs, choir, and other groups. At Union Grove, we’re spending our Wednesday evenings in prayer followed by Bible study, and we’re meeting virtually. Join us at 7:30 p.m. at https://tinyurl.com/prayandstudy. You can catch up or revisit previous studies below.

PS: Since it’s virtual, we won’t mind if you’re wearing your jammies or bring your fur-buddies. 😉

From the streaming television series, “The Chosen,” Season 1, we’re looking at and learning about the life of Jesus, what it meant to be one of his Chosen then and what it means to be one of his Chosen now. Our schedule is below. As we complete a week, we’ll add a copy of that week’s slides for those of you catching up. We also recommend you download the app offered by the producers of The Chosen so you can watch each episode uninterrupted (there is no cost for the app and no subscription fees to watch the episodes). However, we’ve also made a playlist on YouTube where you can watch the videos as well.

Schedule ( episode beginning/ending times are for YouTube playlist; please watch the assigned episode before each week’s Pray and Study):
How this study will work:
  • Beginning Week 2, watch that week’s episode before we meet.
  • This study is on Season 1 of The Chosen
  • Shortcut to videos for this study: https://tinyurl.com/ugumcchosen
  • Even if you’ve already watched it one or more times, it is recommended you watch it again to refresh your memory of the specific episode for that week.
  • Each lesson will have ten questions that we’ll discuss as a group
  • Bible verses for each lesson will be taken from the English Standard Version (ESV).
  • For free access to the ESV, go to https://www.biblegateway.com and select English Standard Version in the right hand “search box”
  • If you need to miss a week, you’ll be able to catch up on this page.