Join us starting Wednesday, April 20, as we dig into Rev. Sherry Cothran’s “Wild and Holy Women of the Bible” at Wednesday In the Word. Our Bible study group meets at 7 p.m. each Wednesday night on Zoom ( You do not have to be a member of Union Grove UMC to participate in the group. 

Participants are responsible for ordering their own copy of the book (available in print or Kindle version) at:


“There are still wild places in this world, even in the pages of the Bible. When we venture out into the Bible’s uncharted regions, beyond the selected scriptures that have often been misused to tame the feminine spirit, we meet the wild and holy women of the Bible who were free, faithful, and fearless. Blending the brightest in biblical scholarship with her vast experiences, Rev. Sherry Cothran leads us into healing encounters with the Bible’s lost stories of women who were warriors, prophets, and seers; a woman king and a slayer, a medium and a martyr. As we explore the wilderness regions of the Bible, the stories of these untamed women become sacred medicine for us all. Especially those who have suffered oppression and hurt, often at the hands of religious communities. The book and ten original songs are a call to free the person you were told to be and find the one God created, giving you tools to create new narratives from old stories, heal from spiritual wounds and awaken to the image of a loving God within.

With the insight of a first-rate biblical scholar, the compassion of a spiritual leader who has shepherded congregations for the past decade, and the poetic voice of an award-winning songwriter, Cothran leads the reader into the transformative space of Bible stories. In the sacred space of stories, our lives are re-scripted by the experiences of the wild and holy women who came before us in our journey of faith. Cothran shows more than teaches us how to live our one wild, holy and precious life, awakening to our God-given wholeness within.” (from